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rental at anytime
Ask for Mario , Noja , Bernard or Ilir .

Local experience

Komani lake daily excursions 2017

Daily departing at 8am from center ''SHESHI DEMOKRACIA'' infront of theatre MIGJENI in Shkoder 

Drive to Koman (approx 2 hours) , take the boat to start the trip , This tour is taking part on the Ekoman project of area development and equality on chances of bettering the local life , by introducing to visitors the authenticity of the area !
Tour is pretty flexible and fitting to the participant wishes on the duration stops etc
We pick different lunch breaks on local families where we taste the bio food of their gardens and some good RAKIA :)
Tour is fun and fitting to any age 

Price 35 euro pp include lunch !

Just appear infront of the theatre Migjeni in city center Shoder , no need for reservation .

Mario Mark Molla

Two days Komani lake , boat tour , hiking, swimming,nature feel,loca
l explore , some unforgetable journey to the magic mountains and village  70 euro pp